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What kind of bets can I place?

We’ve put together a brief overview on the most popular betting types available on and how they work:

Single – A single bet is when you bet on the outcome of a single event.

Combo (also known as combination, multi, parlay or accumulator) – Combo bets allow you to combine up to 20 different bet selections into a single betslip. The total odds are calculated by multiplying the odds by each other, and all selections must be successful for the bet to be a winner.

System – A System bet is similar to a Combo bet with the key difference - with System bets, you can win even if not all of your picks are correct. A System bet is made up of several combinations and single bets. The exact amount of winnings depends on the odds of each successful Combo that proves to be a winner.

You can generate different System bets by selecting more events. Here are the different combinations explained:

Trixie – A Trixie is a combination bet from three different events. The bet includes one treble and three doubles. You need two of your selections to be successful for the bet to be a winner.

Patent – A Patent is a combination bet where 7 bets are placed on 3 different events. The bet covers all possible outcomes (one treble, three doubles, and three singles), so you only need one of your selections to be successful to guarantee a return.

Yankee – A Yankee is a combination bet where 11 bets are placed on 4 different events. The bet includes one fourfold, four trebles, and six doubles. You need two of your selections to be successful to guarantee a return.

Canadian – A Canadian (also known as “Super Yankee”) is a combination bet where 26 bets are placed on 5 different events. The bet includes one fivefold, five fourfolds, ten trebles and ten doubles. You need two of your selections to be successful to guarantee a return.

Lucky 15/31/63 – This combination bet is available on bets with four (Lucky 15), five (Lucky 31) and six (Lucky 63) different bet selections. The bet contains singles, doubles, trebles, fourfolds, and fivefoulds (for Lucky 31 & 63), and one sixfold (for Lucky 63). Since all Lucky bets include singles, one winning selection guarantees a return.

Heinz – A Heinz is a combination bet where 57 bets are placed on 6 different events. The bet includes one sixfold, six fivefolds, fifteen fourfolds, twenty trebles, and fifteen doubles. You need two of your selections to be successful to guarantee a return.

Super Heinz – A Super Heinz is a combination bet where 120 bets are placed on 7 different events. The bet includes one sevenfold, seven sixfolds, twenty-one fivefolds, thirty-five fourfolds, thirty-five trebles and twenty-one doubles. You need two of your selections to be successful to guarantee a return.

Goliath – A Goliath is the biggest System combination bet available where 247 bets are placed on 8 different events. The bet includes one eightfold, eight sevenfolds, twenty-eight sixfolds, fifty-six fivefolds, seventy fourfolds, fifty-six trebles, and twenty-eight doubles. You need two of your selections to be successful to guarantee a return.

Live Bet – Live betting, also known as in-play betting, allows you to place bets on events that have already started. You can mix a selection of pre-match and live match odds together to make a single, Combo, or System bet, but note that the odds may fluctuate as the events unfold live.


My Bets

Where can I find my open bets and bets history?

Log into your account and go to sportsbook. Click the third icon on the left sidebar; “My Bets”. In this view, you will find all the information about your open, won, lost, cashed out, cancelled and refunded bets.


How long does it take to settle a bet?

Bets are normally settled shortly after the end of an event. We always settle bets according to the official competition reports, provided to us by the official body running the competition, so depending on when we get the results, it might take slightly longer to settle some bets than the others.


Void Bets

What is a void bet?

A void bet is a bet that results in a “push”, or, in other words, a bet that is cancelled. If your bet is made void for whatever reason, your stake is refunded, meaning you don’t win anything, but you don’t lose anything either.


Why do bets get voided?

Void bets are quite common and can happen due to a range of reasons, for example if:

  • A football match was postponed, abandoned, or cancelled.
  • The selected player does not participate in the match.
  • The match format is changed after the market is opened.
  • The result of the event becomes publicly known before the end of the event.
  • There is an obvious error in the odds, or if there’s a mistake on the bookmaker’s side.


What happens if a bet is void in a combo/system?

If one or more selections are made void within your combo or system bet, your whole combo/system bet won’t be void. The bet will stand, and the void selections will be simply removed from the betslip and the odds re-calculated.


Cash Out

What is Cash Out in betting and how does it work?

As the name implies, Cash Out means cashing out your wager. Cash Out is a feature that gives you the opportunity to settle a bet at anytime during the event you've bet on. You may think of it as "selling" your bet back to the betting platform.

The Cash Out winnings you are offered depend on your original projected winnings, and how the event has progressed.

For example, say, you have bet on Liverpool to win Barcelona at odds of 5.0 and Liverpool is leading the match 1-0 with 10 minutes to go – you may use the Cash Out feature to guarantee yourself a return, without having to risk the bet in case Barcelona equalise in the final minutes.


I want to Cash Out my bet, how do I do that?

Using the Cash Out feature is simple! Head over to your open bets, which you can access by navigating to “My Bets” on the sportsbook. Here, you are offered a Cash Out offer which you can accept by clicking on the amount and confirming it.


Why is Cash Out unavailable for my bet?

Cash Out might not always be available. The most common reason is that the market, or the sport you have made a bet on, does not support Cash Out.

Cash Out might also be temporarily suspended during a live event as with Live Betting, the odds are evaluated in real-time and subject to rapid fluctuation, for example, if a referee has called a penalty, or anything else has just occurred that influences the probability of your bet selection to be a winner or a loser.


How do I switch between fractional, decimal, and other odds formats?

Scroll down to the bottom of the sportsbook page, just above the page footer, and click on the “Odds Format” button to select your preferred odds view.

You can choose from 5 different ways to display our sports odds: European (also known as decimal), American (also known as moneyline odds), Indonesian, Malaysian, and Hong Kong odds.


What are "Rest of the Match" bets?

The “rest of the match” bet type is offered exclusively for live events. It refers to who will win the rest of the match from the time of placing your bet. Only the goals that are scored after the bet has been made are relevant when the bet is being settled.

You could imagine the score being 0:0 when you place your bet. Example: Liverpool leads Manchester United 2:0 in the 60th minute of the game and you bet Manchester United to win the “rest of the match”. To win the bet, Manchester United must score more goals than Liverpool from that point until the end of the match. If the match ends 2:1, you will win the bet (rest of the match score 0:1).


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